NAMI Walks

How We Put Your NAMIWalks Mass Dollars to Work

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NAMIWalks Mass is our primary fundraiser, and the revenue represents 40% of our budget. In 2015, 87% of our income went back into programming while only 13% was spent on fundraising and general/administrative costs.

The Walk is a community event that educates the public about mental health issues and celebrates dignity, resilience and respect. It is a stigma-free zone where individuals affected by mental illness do NOT feel ashamed, fearful or discriminated against.

Education Programs

Our education programs are offered free of charge to participants and offer up-to-date content aimed at different populations:
  • Family to Family (F2F) for families, partners, and friends, taught by NAMI-trained family member volunteers
  • NAMI Basics: for parents and other caregivers, taught by NAMI-trained parents of children/adolescents
  • In Our Own Voice (IOOV): focuses on recovery and ending stigma, taught by NAMI-trained people living with mental illness
  • Peer-to-Peer: focuses on recovery and wellness in response to mental health challenges, taught by NAMI-trained peers
  • Educating the Educators (ETE): new Professional Development program aimed at K-12 teachers (small fee associated)
  • Criminal Justice Diversion Project (CJDP): aims to prevent the unnecessary arrest and incarceration of individuals with mental illness by supporting/educating police departments and other first responders

Support Groups

Our support groups are offered free of charge to participants and offer safe spaces for those impacted by mental illness to come together and learn from one another, build community, and seek support.
  • NAMI Family Support Groups: regular meetings of family/caregivers of individuals with a mental health conditions
  • NAMI Connection: 90-minute recovery support group facilitated by NAMI-trained peers for people living with mental illness


NAMI Mass advocacy activities seek to ensure quality care and community-based services for individuals with mental illness. To review our 2016 legislative priorities, visit

Helpline and Website

The NAMI Mass COMPASS helpline receives thousands of calls yearly. We offer information and assistance navigating the state mental health system, including guidance on housing, employment, insurance, and discharge rights. 

NAMI Education and Support Group Trainings

Teachers/Presenters/Facilitators for our F2F, IOOV, Peer-to-Peer, Basics, NAMI Connection and Family Support Groups each go through a rigorous interview and training program through NAMI Mass in advance of teaching/presenting/facilitating.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

We are embracing multiculturalism by providing Diversity & Inclusion Training to our members to help all people achieve their fullest potential.

NAMI Mass State Office

Located in the Charlestown area of Boston, the state office employs 9 full-time and 5 part-time staff and 5 consultants to manage all NAMI Mass business. Established over 30 years ago, the mission of NAMI Mass is to improve the quality of life for both individuals with mental illness and their families.

NAMI Affiliates

NAMI Mass has 21 local chapters called Affiliates, statewide. They provide our education programs and support groups locally, within the communities they serve. Affiliates also advocate for people in their home towns and cities on mental health issues.